Eye Exam

Eye Care Services From iQ Vision

Eye tests for far and near vision with latest equipments and technology including early detection of Cataract plus glaucoma at one stop examination.

For Cataract Operation, we have most updated machine called ‘ Lenstar’ which can first measures IOL Lens Power accurately without any pain. Moreover, we use Laser Operated ‘Phaco’ machine for doing cataract surgery. Therefore, patient can improve his/her Vision more clearly at both day and night time, free from pseudomembane formation on IOL Lens which does not need to do laser treatment at later time.

For clearer visions for all surrounding 360 Degree, IOL Lens is made by Aspheric design and stability assured whatever movements for up down vision, left & right vision. As patient does not need to stay overnight at hospital, it lowers the total operation cost. With (60) specialist Eye Surgeons, we do Eye Operations everyday with 100% successful rate.

For Nearsightedness, farsightedness with regardless of how much the Cylinder Power is, iQ Vision Can do refractive error correction with laser treatment called ‘Lasik’ with 100%  success. Now, you don’t need to go abroad for ‘Lasik’, our skilled & experienced Eye Surgeons can do it in Myanmar with lower cost & sharing the information for refractive correction by laser treatment.