Eye Care Services @ iQ Vision Eye Care Centers




General Eye Exam 






State-Of-the-Art Optical Lab services & Essilor Lenses are available in Myanmar



Contact lens Eye Exam



 Color & Clear Contact Lenses, Cylinder Contact Lenses, RGP, are available



Complete Medical Eye Services



 Field of Vision, OCT exam, Fundus Photos, A/B Scan.  OPD Scan. 



Children Special Eye Exam



 Myopia Management with Artho-K Contact Lenses are available.



Lasik Eye Surgery



 #1 Best Lasik Center in Myanmar Since 2009



Cataract Surgery



 EnVista Premium IOL lenses, Multifocal & Cylinder IOLs are available



Glaucoma Specialists



 ALT laser treatment is available @ iQ Vision Shwe Pin Lon, Yangon.



Vitreo-Retinal Surgery



 Diabetic and Retinal Detachment Surgery done by Stellaris PC by Bausch +Lomb USA.



Dry Eyes Clinics



 Connea Cell counts available CEM-530




Strabismus Squint Surgery



 Misaligned eyes Correction is available



Oculoplastic Surgery



 Droppy lids, Tear Ducts blockages , Cosmetic Eye Lids surgery are also available



Occupational Eye Tests 



 Safety Eye Glass for Professional & Occupational Eyes.


  iQ Vision Laser Eye Center 

Lasers treatments are available 

Yag Laser, Argon Laser , ALT laser, SLT laser, Retinal Laser, Excimer Laser


  Macula Specialists 


Aged-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Macular Edema, Macular Injections, Macular Hole laser treatment, All Macular treatments are available @ iQ Vision Eye Surgery centers.


 Myopia Management with Artho-K    Artho-K Contact lenses can control Myopia Progression 


#1 Optical Lab in Myanmar



 State of Art Optical Lab for Essilor Lenses & Polarized Lenses.

 Tele Medicines & Home Care Eye Services 


  Tele-Medicines Services & Home Care Eye Exam Services are available @ iQ Vision


Essilor Lens Advisors 


  Essilor Lenses are avaialalbe @ iQ Vision


Distribution Eye Care & Eye Surgery Instruments  



We are an authorized distributor for many Eye Care Equipments and Eye Surgery Instruments. 

 Distribution for Eye Wears and Sunglasses  Retails and Wholesales for Eye Wears & Sunglasses are available @iQ VIsion