Medical Eye Equipments Authorized Sales Distribution & Service Center


Medial Eyes Equipments Authorized Sales Distribution & Service Centers in Myanmar


          Nidek     " Eye & Health Care, Optical Lens Edging Equipments, Vision Diagnostics, Ophthalmic Lasers, Refractive Surgery "

          Haag-Streit      " Digital Slit-Lamp Imaging Solutions, Goldmann Tonometry, Eye Surgical and Eye exam equipments"

          Heine     " Quality Made in Germany Ophthalmic Instruments "

         Bausch + Lomb      Vision Care USA and Surgical products

      Volk USA   " Ophthalmic Lenses, Diagnostic Imaging And Surgical Products for Eye Doctors & Surgeons

         Scican Statim    Sterilizers full Spectrum Infection Control Solutions.


   Authorized Sales Distribution for EyeWears & Sunglasses

 Essilor Luxottica Group

 Kering Group

 Roden Stock Group

 Charmant Group